YLTrapped Organization Inc.

Company: YLTrapped Organization, Inc.

Location: Norwalk

Tell us about your community building activities in 2020?

Created a virtual platform for the young ladies that we serve insuring that they had emotional, educational and other support. YLTrapped is a Non Profit that promotes wellness in young ladies ages 14-21. During the pandemic, our program continued to be available not only to the young ladies we serve but to others in need of a place for their young ladies to have the social bonds that they may be lacking while quarantined.

What community building goals did you accomplish or milestones did you hit in 2020?

YLTrapped expanded the program to include young ladies in Jr. High School, and young ladies in other states that were able to join us virtually. We saw six members graduate and begin college and we continue to support them. We also continued to bring in speakers and professionals to assist with a great deal of the social justice issues that occurred in 2020. We built new relationships as a result that will continue to provide a platform for Social Justice.

Nominator Justification

YLTrapped is a Non-Profit organization whose mission is empower and develop young ladies between the ages of 14-21. Under the leadership of Julia Moore and her team they have, throughout the pandemic, continued to provide solid support for the young ladies who may be facing the challenges of change in their daily lives. YLTrapped restructured the way they engage with the young ladies providing daily checkups, educational support, emotional support, and weekly Zoom meetings.

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