weHartford (Melissa Melonson)

Company: Lumi Agency and weHartford

Location: Hartford, CT

Tell us about your community building activities in 2020?

In 2020 we felt it was important for weHartford and Lumi to step up and support our local community and hospitality partners in a time of need. We utilized our skills across creative, digital, and experience design to create three Covid-safe events that would drive revenue for hard-hit local businesses; Picnic in the Park at Bushnell Park, Dinner and a Show-Hartford at Home with TheaterWorks, and Yes or No Morgan at the Goodwin Hotel in partnership with Chef Tyler Anderson.

What community building goals did you accomplish or milestones did you hit in 2020?

We were thrilled to successfully drive revenue for all of our restaurant partners and TheaterWorks. Additionally, proceeds from Picnic in the Park benefitted the Bushnell Park Foundation, and a portion of proceeds from Yes or No Morgan are being donated to Hands on Hartford. As an added bonus to our efforts, we were able to provide unique and safe Hartford experiences to Greater Hartford locals as well as drive positive press and attention for the city we love.

Nominator Justification

In 2020 weHartford stepped in to collaborate/create Covid-safe events with many struggling downtown partners. Their Picnic in the Park events provided a safe outdoor experience in Bushnell Park. In winter weHartford focused collaborations on safe indoor options creating the Yes-or-No Morgan experience at the Goodwin and the Dinner and a Show with TheatreWorks and downtown restaurants. weHartford has been a true community builder when community was the hardest to create but the most needed! Melissa, owner of community media and events platform WeHartford, and Hartford-based marketing firms Lumi Agency and Lumi Hospitality, came up with an idea to create a unique and safe outdoor experience during our pandemic for Hartford locals. The event series, Picnic in the Park, generated awareness and business for Hartford restaurants and The Bushnell Park Foundation. 6 events, 933 distanced attendees, $25,000 raised, success! https://wehartford.com/picnic-in-the-park-new-october-events/

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