Company: VeraDermics Inc.

Location: West Hartford

Company/organization description

VeraDermics Inc. is an early stage pharmaceutical company that is developing a pain-free cure for warts. Our lead product combines an established wart busting medication with a painless, kid-friendly drug delivery platform.

Tell us about the milestones your venture accomplished in 2020

VeraDermics Inc. achieved several major milestones in 2020:- Completion of initial prototype that hits our targets for: a) dose of medication; b) strength of microneedles (can penetrate pig skin); and c) microneedle dissolution rate. - Development of a detailed IND-enabling preclinical program- Raised $1.504M in convertible note funding- Received $180k in non-dilutive grant funding

Does your venture generate revenue or are you pre-revenue?

We HAVE NOT any generated revenue

What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources have helped you succeed?

We have received support and encouragement from numerous CT entrepreneur resources: 1) CT Innovations - funding provided through Bioscience Pipeline Pilot Program, Proof of Concept fund, and UConn Innovation Fund 2) Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation - participation in Summer Fellowship 3) Innovation Quest - participated in the InQbator 4) Werth Institute - received mentorship from David Noble

Nominator Justification

VeraDermics, founded by Dr. Reid Waldman, was created to solve problems with current wart treatments. The VeraDermics team invented the 1st ever kid-friendly and easy-to-use wart treatment. Their product, WartPatch, combines the most effective wart treatment with a kid-friendly drug delivery platform. WartPatch uses a dissolvable microneedle patch to deliver immunotherapy.

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