UConn Technology Incubation Program (TIP)

Company: UConn

Location: 400 Farmington Rd, Famington, CT

Describe your space

- Comprehensive Incubation Space: with labs, offices, and meeting rooms - Strong team of venture development and incubation supporting startups - 11 EIRs - Strong sponsors supporting innovators - Student internship/fellowship - Access to investors

What are the coolest, most popular features of your space?

– Active and engaged ecosystem, connecting and supporting a broad range of innovator across the state and beyond – Diversity and Inclusion – Numerous virtual and educational contents – Broad range of opportunities, from medical, engineering, software to social impact – Open and collaborative

What impact did your space make in 2020?

– TIP remained open and active throughout COVID (some of the companies deemed "essential" and has been fully functional) – TIP companies raised more $400M of capital/revenue – We expanded TIP in Stamford with the focus on the data sciences – Serving more than 50 companies (new record) – 196 Full/Part Time jobs – Collaboration with and support of various entrepreneurial programs across the state

Nominator Justification

- Reaching 46 resident startups (new record) - TIP companies raised more than $260M (new record) - 196 FT+PT high value jobs (new record) - 11 active EIRs (new record) - Numerous in person and virtual events with investors, corporate players, innovators and legislators - Keeping facility open and operational throughout COVID, to assure access to urgent R&D and products

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