Tyler Green

Company: Creative Genius, LLC

Location: Winsted

Company/organization description

Creative Genius, LLC is a manufacturing, licensing & product development company. Specializing in consumer gadgets and accessories, our products are unique, innovative & fun. Owner and operator Tyler Green, uses his skills and talents from both the SFX Makeup & medical fields to develop concepts from prototype samples to full scale productions.

Tell us about the entrepreneurial milestones you accomplished?

I developed the Monster Kidz Box product after the pandemic hit last year. It was a risk to start a new venture during a pandemic but I strongly believed in the concept! The product was a huge success! Launching it during the Halloween season last year, I hit $10,000 is sales by November and I am focusing on scaling up production this year. I am currently featured in this months issue of 40 under 40 as Connecticut’s most influential individuals so that was a huge accomplishment for me.

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Scalable Venture - regional, national, or global business focus

What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources have helped you succeed?

I had the opportunity to be a vendor, teach & publicly speak in schools, non-profit and private organizations all over Connecticut where I conducted live SFX Makeup demonstrations & talked about my experience as a reality TV contestant on SyFy Networks Face Off. These resources include: The Warner Theater, Washington Montessori School, The Connecticut Science Center & Lake Compounce. These opportunities definitely exposed me to a larger audience and gave me a platform to show my work.

Nominator Justification

Tyler Green has a studio where he offers incredible sfx courses to his students at a range of different abilities, from beginner to advanced. He also created and manufactured an activity kit for children called Monster Kidz Box! Everyone admires his creativity and contributions to his community including Connecticut Magazine which featured him in their 40 Under 40 segment because of all he has accomplished! He truly deserves to be the winner of the CT Entrepreneur Awards! It is an honor to nominate Tyler Green for the Ct Entrepreneur Award for he is such a shining star here in Connecticut. You will get other great nominations I am sure but they won't be like Mr Green for he as a special effects movie make up studio in Winsted at Whiting Mills. He offers classes in what he does to students and also provides his trade for movies. His shop has to be seen to be believed, it's filled with life sized aliens, monsters, and other creatures!!! Please contact me for more! Tyler is constantly evolving and growing as an entrepreneur. He has created, and continues to create fun and exciting opportunities for children and adults alike to discover the world of special effects. His classes helped inspire my daughter to pursue the same career. He is genuine and always looking for opportunities to create meaningful and helpful experiences for the public to enjoy. I couldn't think of a better person to nominate because of all he's done and continues to do. Tyler Green is such a talented and inspiring entrepreneur. He is an educator for not only adults but children who have the same dream that he did as a child. It is amazing to watch him talk about his craft and to see that little spark that he had in other students, and to see him work with them to turn their ideas into realities. I have learned so much just being in his presence, and I hope that more people get the opportunity to get to know him, learn from him, and see what else he creates. Tyler Green is a film and tv special effects artist that has not only imparts his knowledge and techniques to his students but has also developed a children’s creative activity kit to share his talents with the youngest among us. Reaching them at a most challenging time in our world and giving them a way to express themselves creatively on their own when it’s social gatherings can’t happen like they used to.

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