Company: Torigen

Location: Farmington

Company/organization description

Torigen is a biotechnology company developing personalized cancer immunotherapeutics for dogs diagnosed with cancer.

Tell us about the milestones your venture accomplished in 2020

We raised nearly $1.5M in capital in 2020, but closed an additional $2M in January, 2021. We added critical sales team members and grew significantly. We brought in over $300K in revenue, and are on track to hit over $1M in 2021.

Does your venture generate revenue or are you pre-revenue?

We HAVE generated revenue

What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources have helped you succeed?


Nominator Justification

Torigen has brought a Notre Dame technology to CT with a vibrant leader pivoting the cancer diagnostic into the animal market: a great strategic move. Hiring staff, burnishing their marketing, Ashley is leading the venture into growth making it look easy. This is an extremely challenging business and Torigen is poised for continued advancement. I look forward to seeing where Ashley will lead the company in the next year, and the one after that!

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