The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

Company: Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

Location: Newtown CT

Company/organization description

The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to offer enriching connection, resilience, and well-being through no cost next generation Character Social Emotional Development programs for all ages and stages of life. Our Choose Love Formula (COURAGE + GRATITUDE + FORGIVENESS + COMPASSION-IN-ACTION) is a guide for living a Choose Love lifestyle to empower all to thoughtfully respond with love in any situation.

How do you train, educate or prepare entrepreneurs

Adult and youth ambassadors raise awareness of the Choose Love Programming in their communities and in schools. They are trained by our Director of Ambassadors and given materials to assist them in implementing our programming; tool kits to promote our programs on social media and in-person; and monthly meetings for additional professional development and inspiration. We offer them ways to fundraise and encourage their creative ideas that will empower them.

What impact did your program have in 2020?

Choose Love is in all 50 states and 120 countries, reaching 3 million children. Scarlett published a book to show Choose Love's impact and share how to live a Choose Love lifestyle. Our Bus Tour brought healing and connection to thousands in New Hampshire. We launched workshops that helped with educator fatigue. The NH foster care system is now using Choose Love and it’s being piloted in the NH prison system. Our virtual Month of Fun raised awareness and offered tips for better mental health.

Nominator Justification

Choose Love Movement's educational programming is in 50 states, 120 countries, reaching 3 million children. Scarlett's Bus Tour of New Hampshire, that will go nationwide in 2022, promotes hope, healing and connection in communities. Her book, From Sandy Hook to the World: How the Choose Love Movement Transforms Lives, shows the powerful impact of the Choose Love Formula to create a safer, more loving world. In May, Choose Love was a founding partner of the first-ever Mental Health Action Day.

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