Sed Med

Company: Sedentary Medical Solutions LLC

Location: Milford, CT

Company/organization description

The elderly and disabled struggle getting on and off the toilet and caregivers often injure themselves lifting the elderly on and off toilets. Sedentary Medical Solutions LLC or SedMed has produced a patent-pending toilet lift assist product that mounts onto any toilet and provides up to 75% assistance in raising a user's weight both on and off the toilet.

Tell us about the milestones your venture accomplished in 2020

We've done over 100 customer discovery interviews, won $19,000 in grant funding through 2 accelerators, our design is patent-pending with our non-provisional patent application being filed in the coming months, and we've created our 1st generation prototype. I am also coming on full time March 1.

Does your venture generate revenue or are you pre-revenue?

We HAVE NOT any generated revenue

What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources have helped you succeed?

We've done 3 programs at the University of Connecticut's CCEI - Get Seeded UConn, Accelerate UConn, and the Summer Fellowship, and have been awarded $19,000 from these 3 programs.

Nominator Justification

Sed Med created a patent-pending toilet lift assist device to help the elderly, injured, and disabled get on and off the toilet, thus keeping them safe and independent.

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