Judy Ricker & Jill Duval

Company: Ricker Duval LLC

Location: South Windsor

Company/organization description

Ricker Duval is a business solutions agency offering services in marketing and web services, social media strategy and management, bookkeeping, CFO services, business strategy and coaching, online courses and trainings and event planning.

Tell us about the entrepreneurial milestones you accomplished?

We are in our 4th year of business and have been able to more than double our business each year. During the pandemic, we not only have tripled our business, but we have also been able to help many other businesses stay open and grow during these times. We coach new entrepreneurs on their journey to starting and building a successful business, as well as provide our services to experienced entrepreneurs and larger companies.

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Scalable Venture - regional, national, or global business focus

What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources have helped you succeed?

We have used local networking groups and chamber of commerce’s to help grow our business as well as built a private Facebook group community to help entrepreneurs by providing them with a place to gain access to all the resources they need to grow their business.

Nominator Justification

The Ricker-Duval team sought out to grow there business by 59% in a year...a task most companies would think too challenging. They not only achieved this goal, but they in fact DOUBLED there business in the past Twelve months!!!!

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