Peter Goggins

Company: Pisces Atlantic

Location: East Hartford

Company/organization description

Pisces Atlantic develops and manufactures novel fish feeds primarily for commercial applications that are based on vegetable and insect proteins. This makes us different from conventional feeds that are made from a product called "fishmeal" – a finite, expensive, resource that is ecologically harmful to produce, and often contaminated with mercury. My company offers a less expensive, more versatile, and more effective commercial feed solution that is better for the environment.

Tell us about the entrepreneurial milestones you accomplished?

I've achieved a handful of entrepreneurial milestones, most within the past 12 months. I've debuted my MVP by making a number of sales, with a healthy mix of commercial B2B orders along with my D2C line of products. I've build out a manufacturing facility in East Hartford, applied for a patent on my formulation, reinvested time and energy into developing new products, begun the process of vertically integrating my supply chain, and have worked with the USFWS to develop novel feed tech.

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Scalable Venture - regional, national, or global business focus

What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources have helped you succeed?

I've been lucky enough to participate in programs associated with the University of Connecticut, as well as those offered by the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. These programs were able to provide grant support and valuable class time to teach me how to establish and scale my startup. Additionally, networks of entrepreneurs such as Nerac were invaluable in connecting me to everyone from advisors to mentors.

Nominator Justification

Peter has scaled his company by 10x in the past year, all while embodying the spirit of Connecticut manufacturing entrepreneurship along with a broader goal of ocean sustainability. In 2020, Peter successfully completed a 2-year round of R&D, built an international-turned-national supply chain at the height of the Covid pandemic, scaled his formula to be manufactured, completed 3 B2B sales, and raised over $35,000 including winning the Wolff Venture Competition. All as a solo founder. Peter Goggins, founder of Pisces Atlantic, and 2020 Wolff New Venture Competition winner, created his company to produce commercial fish feed made from alternative, novel, protein sources. Peter ran an entire R&D process in his parents’ garage, automated an entire manufacturing process, studied advanced manufacturing techniques to make his product float, built an international supply chain, then in one week re-built it domestically when the pandemic hit, and developed much more independently.

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