Nicole Campbell

Company: Build Up Advisory Group

Location: Newtown

Company/organization description

Build Up Advisory Group was founded to transform outcomes for marginalized and vulnerable communities. It is the only firm focused exclusively on social sector infrastructure design. At Build Up Advisory Group, we help brave philanthropies and nonprofits scale their impact by strengthening their governance, grant making, and organizational structuring. We do not believe in business as usual and strive to be brave enough to truly be risk takers and creative in ways others are afraid to be.

Tell us about the entrepreneurial milestones you accomplished?

Launched in February, 2019, Build Up has experienced steady growth. We have gone from a 1 person outfit to a 4 employee company with an extensive network of partners and affiliates. Our clients range from grassroots organizations to large-scale, global nonprofits and philanthropies. We have also created media content and resources, including a web series, for organizations and social-impact entrepreneurs that can be accessed for free by the general public. We also own multiple trademarks.

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Scalable Venture - regional, national, or global business focus

What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources have helped you succeed?

I have worked with CT SCORE mentors and attended SCORE webinars and in-person workshops on a variety of business and planning topics. I have also worked closely with Newtown Public Library and attended business programs hosted by it.

Nominator Justification

Launched law firm and consulting practice! Grew clients base and revenue significantly. Building out a team of people Building infrastructure for nonprofits and philanthropies Creating big bettable grassroots organizations and structuring them to change the world

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