Company: Moco

Location: Bridgeport CT

Describe your space

Moco provides space and resources both creatives and entrepreneurs to make their passion projects sustainable careers. Moco strives to provide accessibility directly to our marginalized community of color with: creative co-working, office spaces, audio and visual production studios. Moco strives to create an atmosphere that produces equality, empathy and respect amongst staff and members. Moco is a solution based facility that is willing to be an inclusive space for everyone.

What are the coolest, most popular features of your space?

Each and every wall within Moco tells a story and brings our members to a space where their creative juices flow and they are able to fully tap into the project they are working on.

What impact did your space make in 2020?

Moco is the first of its kind in the city of Bridgeport CT. As a company we give insight, provide resources and the platform that will grant success as one may see it. Moco offers a supportive community where one can network and become family. We are here to guide every step of the way on the journey of our people.

Nominator Justification

In only 6 short months this inner-city co-working space has run 3 networking events for entrepreneurs, held a pop-up shop for minority businesses, and opened shared music and photography studios to the creative community. The 3000 sf space has all the standard accoutrements: kitchen, conference room, co-working space, bottomless coffee, cozy nooks and crannies, and start of a maker space with a high-end iMAC and full Adobe Creative suite and hot press. They are near break-even in spite of Covid

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