Lisa Hinton

Company: N.U.B.I.A.N. LLC

Location: Bridgeport

Company/organization description

N.U.B.I.A.N. LLC , N.U.B.I.A.N. which stands for Nourishment, Understanding, Bohemian, Indulge, Ashe, Namaste. Focuses on educating the community about small business. I also have tied my businesses back to the community by helping others feel that support they need ! I offer first hand on the job training to the youth ages 16 to 19 years of age. Nubianllc also helps families in need by connecting back to the community and pulling everyone together to help othera in need.

Tell us about the entrepreneurial milestones you accomplished?

This is my second nomination for an entrepreneurial award, the 1st one is from Black Peoples Rock Awards. That will be presented to me this may. N.U.B.I.A.N. LLC is growing daily. We will be opening a sage shop, that will open opportunities for our youth to make a honest living and teaching them skills and training and accountability. Over the last 9 months my life took a turn due to the pandemic and being a single mother , I had to think Quick.

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Main Street - local business focus

What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources have helped you succeed?

Whata really helping helping me to succeed is the community, from connecting to the community it has opened doors for me to speak on platforms and get comfortable with stepping out my comfortable zone. As I continue to pursue my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Post University in Waterbury Ct, parnent two children and help my community it give me the tools I need to succeed.

Nominator Justification

Lisa is a small business owner who helps educate people about the African -American culture. She sells a wide variety of afrocentric and bohemian findings. She is also Director of The Family Affairs Department for a local rising Organization The S.T.O.R.M. ACADEMY. Which stands for Strength, Teamwork, Organization, Respect , and motivation. In my free time I host a pod cast #SHEPOWER that pushes encouragement, community concerns, hair care , small business and much more.

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