Kashonda Lawrence

Company: LULAC Head Start Inc

Location: New Haven

Company/organization description

"LULAC Head Start Inc prepares children for success in learning and life! LULAC Head Start Inc is a community development organization which have served the New Haven community since 1983. It has been a leader in the New Haven community as an agency committed to excellence in the delivery of child and family development services. LULAC Head Start Inc encourages that Early Childhood Education is about developing the whole child" (quoted from LULAC Head Start Inc website)

How do you train, educate or prepare entrepreneurs

I develop young minds in Early Childhood Education! I promote high quality developmentally appropriate practices that will help grow children's brains. I encourage children to build a platform of resilience and break the stress so that they can understand to expect the unexpected! Most importantly my contributions to the Early Childhood world has consisted of the growth and success of children and families, strengthening early childhood education, and being an advocate for children and families.

What impact did your program have in 2020?

As an "Tylenol National Childcare Teacher Recipient" I have made a significant yet lifelong impact on children and families. Fostering self esteem to being a pillar in the early childhood community. I immerse children and families into a mission of empowerment! I take pride in staying up to date with early education legislative agendas and encouraging others to contribute to the early education movement! I live by the motto "Instill in children a sense of purpose, turn an I can't into an I can"!

Nominator Justification

Kashonda Lawrence has been a pillar in the Preschool Education world. She has been teaching for 20 years at LULAC Head Start Inc. She has been one of the recipients for the Terri Lynne Lokoff Tylenol Teachers Award. She is a teacher that encourages her children to be scholars. She has great connections to the community connecting her preschool children to the Wilson Library and Read to Grow in Brandford to ensure they develop a love for literacy. Kashonda doesn't just teach she grows brains!

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