Kari Lamae Jackson-Gant

Company: Art & Rhymes

Location: Danbury

Company/organization description

Art and Rhymes is a platform started in 2015. It started as an Art show that pulled together creatives from CT and surrounding states and served as a platform for them to showcase their art. The first event had artists, vendors and performers as well. That first event is what set it in motion. There were over 150 people in attendance and I wasn’t sure there would be over 50.

Tell us about the entrepreneurial milestones you accomplished?

Art and Rhymes grew within 6 months of the first event. With proceeds from the events, I created the Art and Rhymes “Scholarship” where I awarded a student from the Hartford Performance arts school a monetary gift towards college. I also donate to a charity after each event. Since 2015 I’ve held 4 amazing events and have a scholarship after each! Unfortunately, Covid hit us and Art and Rhymes was put on hold. It has been extremely successful and I even created Art & Rhymes: Art Vibes from it.

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Main Street - local business focus

What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources have helped you succeed?

As stated above, I’ve donated to High School students around CT with proceeds from the events. My next focus is to create an Art & Rhymes mentoring program for CT youth.

Nominator Justification

I’ll say over the last few years because the last 12 month we have been riddled with Covid. Kari Lamae, an Artist out of Hartford, CT, started Art & Rhymes. This art show brought in Artists from all walks of CT and our United States and gave them a platform to showcase their art alongside numerous vendors and performers. She used a portion of proceeds from her past 5 events to give different CT youth monetary awards toward college for Arts! She is such a dope individual. Covid has a halt on it.

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