Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

Company: Jesse Lewis Choose love Movement

Location: Newtown

Company/organization description

The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement is a nonprofit organization that provides SEL and character development to children and adults, teaching them how to thoughtfully respond with love in any situation by using the Choose Love Formula (Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion-in-Action). It helps children handle adversity, have courageous conversations, and to respond with love. Choose Love extends beyond the classroom through additional no-cost programs.

How do you train, educate or prepare entrepreneurs

We have adult & youth ambassadors who raise awareness of the Choose Love Programming in their communities and in schools. They are trained by our Director of Ambassadors and given materials to empower them to implement our programming; tool kits to promote our programs on social media and in-person; and monthly follow-up meetings where we offer additional professional development and inspiration. We offer them ways to fundraise and encourage their creative ideas that will empower them.

What impact did your program have in 2020?

Choose Love Programs are in all 50 states and 110 countries, reaching two million children, and are being implemented in schools, homes, communities, and the workplace. Amidst Covid, our new back-to-school unit helped students and educators deal with stress as they reintegrate into the school year. This program has been accessed more than 8,000 times. Our studies have shown students who Choose Love thrive socially, mentally, and emotionally. Entire schools districts have been transformed.

Nominator Justification

Scarlett Lewis founded the nonprofit Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement after her son was killed in the Sandy Hook tragedy. In 2020, Choose Love created “Choosing Love in Our Brave New World,” a free social-emotional program designed to transition students to a new normal of education, whether in class or distance-learning, and fosters the development of a growth mindset and perseverance. Lessons incorporate trauma-sensitive, healing-centered language and practices based on neuroscience.

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