Jacqueline LeGree

Company: Oak “One of A Kind” Apparel

Location: Bridgeport

Company/organization description

OAK (One-of-a-Kind) Apparel was found in 2013 as a home based business that was started in to create, design and provide customized clothing for teens and young adults. The OAK Apparel customized clothing line includes socks, button down shirts, hoodies, sweaters, jackets, pants, shoes, tank tops, tee shirts and an array of items customized by request. OAK Apparel is a new design every time. I also started “The Pink Line” in honor of my mother who battled Breast Cancer, I donate to patients.

Tell us about the entrepreneurial milestones you accomplished?

I started OAK APPAREL at the age of 16 with $35.00 worth of coins I had saved. Oak is currently in all 50 states as well as worldwide in over 50 different countries. Oak has been recognized by RepAmerican, CtFashionMag, Hartford Courant and News Channel 8. I have worked with many local and national celebrities such as NFL player Isiah Wright of Washington Red Skins. I am currently doing a partnership with Stanford University in CA where I will be selling my products on their website and campus.

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Scalable Venture - regional, national, or global business focus

Student entrepreneur?


What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources have helped you succeed?

I have taken business courses at the University of Bridgeport and Naugatuck Valley Community College, and I do a lot of Small Business Association workshops. My mother also has a masters in business and economics, so she has played a huge role with helping me understand business, but other than that the rest is trial and error.

Nominator Justification

Jacqueline has been building her business, OAK Apparel since the year 2013. She has sold unique and custom clothing for all ages and people both nationally and internationally. Starting out with just cents, and grew herself into her very first OAK design space in 2020. Jacqueline took OAK apparel from her mothers garage to news screens in Waterbury, CT. Her goal was to give not only her community, but many communities clothing and style that was affordable, stylish, and one of a kind. Jacqueline LeGree started her clothing line OAK “One of a Kind” Apparel at the age of 16, now at 24 Jacqueline has sold her products in all 50 states including worldwide in countries like Canada, Japan, China, Bahamas, Germany, Poland and many more. Jacqueline started a line within her line called “The Pink Line” in honor of her mother who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2019 and now donates custom clothing to women and men all over the world who are fighting the fight too.

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