InsurTech Venturing

Company: Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (UConn)

Location: Hartford

Company/organization description

The InsurTech Initiative is a joint venture between UConn and University of Hartford, designed to grow the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators in the insurance industry and the InsurTech space. The InsurTech Venturing course is offered every fall, aiming to instruct students about the foundations of the InsurTech industry and help foster entrepreneurial skills within the realms of InsurTech.

How do you train, educate or prepare entrepreneurs

The InsurTech Venturing course provides opportunities for students to analyze traditional and InsurTech business models, evaluate financing strategies, and learn about the emerging technologies disrupting the industry. Guest speakers are also hosted on a weekly basis to provide expert insight into the current and future state of the industry.

What impact did your program have in 2020?

Thirteen students from this course were selected for the InsurTech Fellows Program. This course has prepared them for the next stage in their academic journey's, where they'll have the opportunity to work with startups and established companies to test and implement innovative technologies aimed to fuel growth.

Nominator Justification

The InsurTech Venturing course was offered in the Fall 2020 semester, instructing students on the foundations of the insurance industry and helping them foster entrepreneurial skills within the realms of InsurTech. Students gained experience analyzing InsurTech business models, evaluating financing strategies, and learning about the emerging technologies disrupting the insurance industry. Guest speakers were invited bi-weekly to provide expert insight, aligning their topics with class content.

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