InsurTech Hartford Innovation Challenge

Company: InsurTech Hartford

Location: Hartford

Describe your event

The InsurTech Hartford Innovation Challenge was a contest to attract innovative concepts from entrepreneurs, students, and other innovators for the insurance industry. The event accepted submissions from April through May and was concluded with an awards event in June.

What are the coolest, most popular features of your event?

In true entrepreneur style, delivering the event involved a pivot. Originally the event was intended to be local to the Hartford area with an in-person awards ceremony at University of Hartford, but then coronavirus hit. We then built a custom platform to support the event as an online global challenge. The event received even more exposure, benefiting everyone involved.

What impact did your event make is 2020?

Impact summary: - 100 submissions from 10 countries - Engaged 50 leaders from the local insurance community to judge and select finalists and winners. - Over $50,000 in cash and prizes awarded to the winners. - Global exposure for CT as an innovation place. From finalists: “This got us to believe that we are onto something. We couldn't be more grateful!.” “The logistics and planning that went behind it was remarkable." “The Challenge helped our team hone in our pitch and vision.”

Nominator Justification

The InsurTech HArtford Innovation Challenge was originally planned as an in-person event, but as a result of going online, the event was able to attract 600 people to the awards event. More importantly, 100 entrepreneurs submitted their ideas to the contest from 10 difference countries across the globe. The contest was highly successful. The winners won cash and prizes from local businesses. Some of the finalists and winners also landed deals with new customers from the exposure they gained.

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