InsurTech Fellows Program

Company: Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (UConn)

Location: Hartford

Describe your program

Spun out of a larger InsurTech Initiative, the InsurTech Fellows Program provides students the opportunity to expand their understanding of the InsurTech industry through experiential learning. Students learn how to apply theoretical and practical skills working with startups and interacting with industry leaders.

What are the coolest, most popular features of your program?

This program features a variety of components, academic courses to learn about InsurTech, one-on-one guidance from an industry mentor, experiential learning through working directly with an InsurTech startup, access to networking opportunities and events, and connections to internship and job opportunities within the industry.

What impact did your program make in 2020?

Following the 2019-2020 cohort, 8 out of our 12 fellows leveraged their experience, connections and mentor relationships acquired through this program to accept full time opportunities or summer internships relevant to insurance and/or entrepreneurship, despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.

Nominator Justification

The InsurTech Initiative is a joint venture between CCEI and the University of Hartford, designed to foster the next generation of innovators in the InsurTech industry and bolster the network of entrepreneurs in the Hartford insurance industry.13 UConn and University of Hartford students were selected to participate in the program this year and will work with InsurTech startups via the Nassau Re/Imagine incubator, and receive professional mentorship and connections to internship opportunities.

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