Harry Bell

Company: The Color a Positive Thought Organization

Location: Bridgeport

Tell us about your community building activities in 2020?

It started with a Coloring Book (Color a Positive Thought) that was adopted by the school district yrs ago. The Coloring Book did great and it turned into a Program over The Yrs that catered towards trouble youth through therapeutical programs that's helpful and fun. Prior to the pandemic we was working with hundreds of kids throughout the city. Due to the Covid issue we do programs but in groups of 8. Our program has been fortunate enough to bring over One Million Pounds of food to our city.

What community building goals did you accomplish or milestones did you hit in 2020?

If I could pick one I would say bringing in One Million Pounds of food because it was done going to crucial time in the world.

Nominator Justification

Harry has built a wonderful community project "Color a Positive Thought." This gives disadvantaged you in Bridgeport the ability to see themseleves positively and reduce violence. Harry has coordinated with Trader Joes and other grocery stores to disperse thousands of dollars of food into the community housing development, free of charge, to the residents. He organized basketball events, give aways, food trucks and more all to help the community in Trumbull Gardens. Mr. Bell has done it all from giving Children Thousands of Toys, Giving out almost a Thousand Turkey's with the sides, His Amazing Youth Programs but top it off he gave out a Million Pounds of food during this pandemic. During the Pandemic up until today he gave over million pounds of Food to people.

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