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Company: Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (UConn)

Location: Hartford

Describe your event

Get Seeded provides students with the opportunity to pitch their ideas to an audience of their peers. Teams that are selected to pitch have an opportunity to earn up to $1,000 in seed funding for their idea, mentorship, as well as support from other students who may be interested in joining their team.

What are the coolest, most popular features of your event?

Students that do not yet have ideas or are not ready to pitch, are invited to attend. The audience then votes on which teams are funded. This year, we expanded the program to include workshops, where current and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn essential concepts, methodologies and best practices to take their business to the next level.

What impact did your event make is 2020?

Get Seeded winners have raised $14 million in follow on funding in 2020. This is a great testament to the impact of these events in their ability to take entrepreneurs to the next level from just a small amount of funding and recognition.

Nominator Justification

Get Seeded provides students with the opportunity to pitch their ideas to an audience of their peers for up to $1,000 in seed funding. In 2020, Get Seeded was expanded to include workshops, teaching students the foundational elements of starting a business. In 2020, CCEI hosted five Get Seeded events and one workshop, and have plans for more pitch nights and workshops in 2021. Get Seeded teams have also raised $3.1 million in follow-on funding since the program launched in 2018.

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