Company: Encapsulate

Location: Farmington, CT

Company/organization description

Encapsulate produces automated tumor-on-a-chip systems that can grow patients' cancer cells outside the body, and test the efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs against them to advocate for the best course of treatment. Encapsulate BioChip technology grows patient-derived cancer cells ex vivo, and screens them against chemotherapeutic drugs. With this technology, the oncologist can choose the most effective chemotherapy drug prior to treatment on an individualized basis.

Tell us about the milestones your venture accomplished in 2020

Encapsulate was recognized as one of the "5 Top BioTech Startups" by Startus Insights.Encapsulate won the "Technology in Space Prize" by NASA to implement its technology in the International Space Station.Encapsulate also have won multiple awards, such as Thirdbridge grant, CTNext EIA award, etc., and was one of the 10 top companies in the Digital Health CT demo day. And most importantly, Encapsulate has started its clinical studies in partnership with Hartford Healthcare in 2020!

Does your venture generate revenue or are you pre-revenue?

We HAVE NOT any generated revenue

What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources have helped you succeed?

CTNext, UCONN CCEI, CT Innovations, Hartford Healthcare, Digital Health CT Accelerator, SBCT, UCONN Technology Incubation Program (TIP)

Nominator Justification

Encapsulate has developed an automated tumor-on-a-chip system that is capable of growing patient-derived microtumors, in their native biological state outside the human body, to screen against a variety of chemotherapeutic drugs.

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