Digital Media CT

Company: Digital Media Connecticut (DMCT)

Location: Connecticut

Describe your program

Digital Media Connecticut (DMCT) has emerged as a collaborative of CT higher education institutions working to support a talent pipeline in digital media and content production. Working in partnership with the Connecticut Office of Film, Television, and Digital Media, the DMCT collaborative provides a platform to connect high school and university students toward a successful career in Connecticut's growing digital media industry.

What are the coolest, most popular features of your program?

Our ability to engage different industry professionals to create content for us to provide to our talent pipeline. The most popular feature of our program is the "Summit." Every year, DMCT hosts a Summit to further connect students with industry professionals. Students have the opportunity to connect with leaders, professors, alumni, and creative directors.

What impact did your program make in 2020?

During the year 2020, DMCT: -Produced a manifesto focusing on education toward the industry that engaged over 20 professionals from various digital media-related fields -Produced the Select+CT podcast (available on all platforms) & our Let’s Talk Media YouTube series -We responded to the BLM movement, which represents our commitment to improving the opportunities in the digital media industry

Nominator Justification

Digital Media CT has created a group of faculty and staff at universities across CT working together to promote digital media. It supports the development of skills and workforce competencies in digital media through in-person events such as the annual DMCT Summit and ConnectNext series, as well as other online resources such as the development of a DMCT microlearning course and a podcast series produced in partnership with Quinnipiac University.

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