Dave “SuperDave” Bruno

Company: Red Planet Ventures LLC

Location: Tolland

Tell us about your community building activities in 2020?

We formed Red Planet Ventures in August 2020 realizing how many people had changed up their lives and require help standing up a new entrepreneurial idea or business right here in Connecticut. While the mentoring and idea-networks here are deep, we noticed people require a reachable entry point and supporting team to really "start". Since August we have met more than 100 potential Connecticut-based entrepreneurs and reviewed their pre-product and sales capabilities.

What community building goals did you accomplish or milestones did you hit in 2020?

We have validated there is a clear & present need for entrepreneurial builder services in Connecticut that range from process excellence, fintech and insurtech, heavy manufacturing to e-commerce and wellness applications. 3 examples: Mifrah Malik called when she put up a Shopify/space at West Farms Mall, we helped her contact customers. We helped the Barretts work on their Diversity center pitch for Swift. We helped Sourav Sengupta stand up an EdTech.

Nominator Justification

Following his return to Connecticut 13-months ago, Dave has dedicated himself to understanding and improving CT businesses and the ecosystem as a whole. I've had the pleasure of watching Dave give countless hours to UConn, student-ventures, outside ventures and organizations, providing guidance and feedback invaluable to many of these groups. Most meaningful to me, is how he guided student-founder, Peter Goggins, who once said "My company would probably have 0 revenue right now if not for Dave"

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