Cultured Studios

Company: Cultured AF

Location: New London

Describe your space

Cultured Studios an underground art and music lounge located in downtown New London. The space is home to Cultured AF, an arts & social hub run by a collective of artists. The space also has a boutique with arts, merch and unique items from Cultured AF as well as local artists.

What are the coolest, most popular features of your space?

The lobby features a large mural wall that changes every few months and leads you down into the underground space. The art and music lounge is has retro mid-century modern vibe that invites visitors to not just view artwork as a passive gallery, but as a social space to hang out in community. Interactive elements include the record player (with new vinyls that will be featured each month!), and a photobooth where guests can get printed photos as well as digital selfies.

What impact did your space make in 2020?

In 2020 we were successfully able to pivot our business to a digital platform producing live stream and virtual events. Before the closure, we hosted the largest poetry slam in Southeastern CT with 100 people. Towards the end of 2020, we re-opened in a new space! We're excited that this space is available to our community again.

Nominator Justification

I would like to nominate Cultured Studios which is the space owned by Cultured AF is a social hub and creative platform. We are artists & creatives producing content, building community, and curating unique experiences that bridge the gap between the art world and black culture. Cultured Studios opened in January 2019 and was developing in to a space that adult artists and creatives of all ages, but especially the young could express themselves through all artistic elements.

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