City Center Danbury – director Angela Wong

Company: CityCenter Danbury

Location: Danbury

Company/organization description

CityCenter Danbury aims to revitalize the Main Street district by making downtown an economic, social, and cultural hub through initiatives that drive lasting changes for our community. Whether it’s helping to promote local small businesses, forging strategic partnerships with property owners, supporting projects to improve area attractiveness and accessibility, or providing free community events, CityCenter strives to enhance the quality of life and economic vitality in downtown Danbury.

How are you engaged/involved in supporting/advocating for the CT entrepreneur ecosystem?

In partnership with the City of Danbury and local businesses, this year I worked hard to drive collaboration and promote opportunities for economic viability by disseminating grant information, expediting permit processes, and navigating bureaucratic challenges. During the pandemic, CityCenter developed a marketing campaign called “Downtown Strong” bringing attention to our diverse array of downtown businesses through increased social media presence and a series of short promotional videos.

What improved in the CT entrepreneur ecosystem due to your involvement/advocacy in 2020?

In 2020, I prioritized greater outreach to new and immigrant-owned small businesses to help them navigate financial and organizational difficulties. Through marketing campaigns, CityCenter engaged with more downtown businesses, and they in turn were able to reach a more diverse base of potential customers. I also worked closely with local entrepreneurs and the City of Danbury to ease navigation through the complex web of permit and grant approvals necessary to realize business improvements.

Nominator Justification

City Center Danbury is an initiative created to showcase and develop the downtown streetscape, attracting merchants and service businesses. In 2020 CityCenter Danbury won the 2020 Urbanism Award in the neighborhood/district/corridor category from CNU New England. Signup to join their mailing list to be informed about events and news of downtown Danbury.

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