Chantel Herron

Company: Ascend Counseling & Community Wellness

Location: Danbury

Tell us about your community building activities in 2020?

I put together a community baby shower and provided free clothing, formula, diapers, strollers, blankets and furniture to over 80 families in my community. I am currently in the process of planning the next Community Baby Shower for this year and partnering with other organizations to make this event even bigger! Throughout the year and into 2021 I’ve continued to provide families with free childcare items and affordable mental health counseling.

What community building goals did you accomplish or milestones did you hit in 2020?

Successfully started a company that focuses on providing affordable mental health counseling to families in need along with providing free resources for my community. I believe the two go hand in hand, mental health has to be paired with community resources to truly make a difference. I hosted and self-funded a community baby shower during a pandemic where over 80 families in my community received free childcare items. Excess items were donated to a women and children’s shelter in my community.

Nominator Justification

Chantel hosted and self-funded the first Danbury Community Baby Shower in November 2020. In the midst of Covid, she found a safe way to provided FREE baby clothing, formula, furniture, and more to over 80 families in the community who were struggling with accessing resources due to the pandemic.

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