Chantel Herron

Company: Ascend Counseling & Community Wellness

Location: Danbury

Describe your event

I hosted a community baby shower and provided families in my community with diapers, clothing, formula, strollers, cribs and furniture all for free.

What are the coolest, most popular features of your event?

This event was open to any and everyone regardless of your economic status. We saw people from all races and walks of life. The coolest part would be seeing the satisfaction in everyone’s face including the feedback from the volunteers who assisted me with this mission.

What impact did your event make is 2020?

We provided free items to a community that was on the red list for COVID-19. My community as well as the entire world was greatly impacted by this pandemic. I saw a need and made it my personal goal to fulfill it.

Nominator Justification

My daughter, Chantel, has a heart of gold. She organized a community baby shower in her town with little help and no big corporations to back her. She is always trying to help the less fortunate and due to the great turn out, she plans to have this event 2-3 times a year.

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