Brendan Lynch

Company: Sharpe Capital

Location: Newington

Investor/funding source description

We are a brokerage for small business lending with many sources for our clients. From fintech lenders on Wall St to private capital.

How are you engaged/involved in funding CT ventures?

Yes we love working with and assisting local business owners. We have a special partnership with Connecticut Children’s Medical Center where we donate 1% of our monthly revenue. Currently on our 3rd year of our co marketing agreement. With over $20,000 raised. We were the 1st business to propose and execute a profit share donation stream.

What key milestones did you reach as an investor/funder or impact did you have in 2020?

2020 started off with a bang and we were on our way to a record year and our 4th straight year with massive growth. Once COVID hit and we forced to shut down for 2 weeks like everyone business and to a stand still for the next few months as we helped assist business owner obtain ppp funding and eidl loans. As soon as the ppp program ended business was starting picked back up and now it is ppp round 2. I think our industry will play a big role in helping rebuild Main streets across America.

Nominator Justification

Mr. Lynch is the CEO of Sharpe Capital has over 15 years of business financial experience. Hes here to help all of our clients with their business' unique financial needs. No loan is too big or too small for his company ; his goal is to simply help create a positive future for all of our clients. Also, he's donating 1% of his monthy revenue for the past 4 years to CT Childrens Hospital with a partnership with CCMC and renewing this year!

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