Black Business Alliance

Company: Black Business Alliance, Inc.

Location: Statewide

Company/organization description

Black Business Alliance. Inc. (BBA) is a one-stop organization for Black businesses with an objective to stimulate economic growth and sustainability addressing the gap in access to funding, educational resources, and capacity building. As a Business Resource Center - BBA is a business viability and resiliency support organization – an essential provider for inclusive and equitable growth in the statewide entrepreneurial ecosystem.

How are you engaged/involved in supporting/advocating for the CT entrepreneur ecosystem?

Black Business Alliance. Inc. (BBA) seeks to EMPOWER, GUIDE, PROMOTE, ENHANCE, COLLABORATE with, and GROW small and medium-sized black businesses throughout Connecticut. BBA is engaged through business outreach, technical assistance, business counseling, and advocacy. BBA is the "voice" of Black-owned businesses in the state, through collaboration and affiliation with local, state, and federal government entities, business support organizations, and corporations.

What improved in the CT entrepreneur ecosystem due to your involvement/advocacy in 2020?

BBA supported Black-owned businesses in preparing for, accessing, and obtaining grant and funding opportunities during the pandemic. We worked collaboratively with community partners to advocate for changes in the PPP funding application and process, and the State of Connecticut CARES grant funding opportunities. We promoted educational and networking events to increase the capacity and awareness of business owners as they faced a rapidly changing business environment.

Nominator Justification

The Black Business Alliance has repositioned themselves to be the community resource for Black businesses in CT and are now expanding nationally. This organization is deeply committed to uplifting and empowering Black businesses.

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