Aydin Oksoy

Company: University of Hartford

Location: West Hartford

Company/organization description

The Barney School of Business is focused on integrating practice with theory. The administration & faculty at the Barney School are former company executives, and this mentality permeates throughout the curriculum we teach to students. Specific to entrepreneurship, our classes are a combination of workshops where we invite actual businesses to participate as real clients in order to give the student body an experience that they typically wouldn't be exposed to.

How do you train, educate or prepare entrepreneurs

The curriculum is split between lectures and workshops. The lecture portion focuses on how students think about entrepreneurship and business in general; we delve into the fundamental business logic associated with an economic entity, beginning with the entrepreneur's mind (cognition). The workshop portion allows students to directly apply their readings to an actual company and produce deliverables; these are objective and professional reports to gauge writing & presentation skills.

What impact did your program have in 2020?

I am new to The Barney School, starting my position in Fall 2020. Between the Fall (2020) and Spring (2021) semesters, we've invited 13 companies / entrepreneurial ventures. Students were therefore able to not only work on their own clients, but were also exposed to those companies addressed by other groups. We allow open communication between the student body and the client in order to build a relationship, and this relationship could turn into a mentorship or a letter of reference.

Nominator Justification

Dr. Oksoy helps growing UHart's Entrepreneurial program and interest to entrepreneurship across colleges and disciplines. His course includes consulting project for entrepreneurs. In Fall 2019 alone, student teams worked on market and competition analysis for coffee shop, software company, natural stone manufacturer, marina, oncology data service firm, Women's Business Center and Entrepreneurial Center. He also runs business plan and pitch competitions together with other colleagues.

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