Atneciv Rodriguez

Company: Executive Leadership LLC


Company/organization description

Mission is to help clients grow and build in Business, Mindset, and Finances. we provide financial literacy and coaching on insurance, taxes, and credit. We also assist new entrepreneurs to build their passion in business format. Develop business plans and strategies so they too can break barriers in low-income communities.

Tell us about the entrepreneurial milestones you accomplished?

Built a tax preparation franchise. Team building. I have received awards as an MVP in the insurance field. Reached authority in the financial field. Obtained licenses for credibility. Hired a team of independent contractors who are passionate about the mission. Have repeat customers who make referrals based on our great customer service.

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Main Street - local business focus

What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources have helped you succeed?

Middle Class Families

Nominator Justification

Started a business amidst the pandemic. Secured state & federal licenses. Collaborates with local Chamber, registered with BBB & Certified Master Coach-Author: published workbooks & guides-Owns business & franchise: Credit Assistance, Tax Preparation, Insurance, & start-up biz assistance-She also started a nonprofit organization. She is an aspiring Latina to follow and would like to nominate her. Started a financial education business. An author helping communities. wrote books, workbooks, guides- teaches financial literacy. started a tax business. provides insurance and is a professional. Financial literacy in the community, great inspiration. Not only is Atneciv an author but she is CEO of multiple companies she’s founded from the ground up. Atneciv Rodriguez is Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Business Consultant, Licensed Financial Advisor/ Expert, Author, Survivor, Confidence Creator, & Business Enthusiast, Developed a business plan that helped others also develop a business/brand, work on their mindset, and create revenue so they can be leaders in their family and community. Worked with men and women (even those in healthy relationships) 1:1 and through group coaching.

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