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WORKSPACE EDUCATION is a new model for education, that empowers parents to create the education they want for their children within community, using the resources in an environment rich in 21st-century tech, and with the support of a professional education team. We call this membership-based education model colearning. Colearning is a hybrid between homeschooling and private school and uses a strong interdependent community with an inspiring culture, from which meaningful and interesting collaborative projects emerge as its learning landscape. Each child has a completely customized pathway constructed by parents with the support of our EdTeam from open source educational offerings, online, using any curricula available, including tutors, mentors and supplemented with a marketplace of community-demanded and offered classes. Working together and co-creating educational experiences in a place that nurtures both parent and child, creates strong and happy families, which are the building blocks of strong communities. Drop-off options are also available, as well as summer and capstone memberships. See a short video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDw95aImjnE


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At Workspace we use the design thinking model to not only manifest ideas and start small business but also help our learners design their best lives at Workspace. We also have a collaboration with Youth Entrepreneurs, a WeHive parent entrepreneur community in our coworking space, but also host two marketplace events, the holiday stroll in December and the Children's Business Fair in May. We have dedicated space at Workspace for both small businesses created by teens, as well as social enterprises which are designed to solve for a community need.


What impact did your program have in 2019? (<500 characters)

Workspace Education is changing the way people think about education. We recently became the face of Innovation in Education for the Walton Found and Stand Together Foundation. We have set up a research organization and launched studies to validate the impact of this new model for education. We have hosted four training events to support edupreneurs launching their own microschools or colearning environments. We have been invited to help launch colearning in the future city in Dubai. We were invited to the ASU-GSV conference as an Innovative leader in education. We have grown four fold since our beginning, and have been invited to keynote at the leading conferences in alternative education in the country.


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 Catherine Fraise is the founder of Workspace Education, an academy focused on empowering families to create and support the ultimate education track for each of their children. Workspace Education provides a technology rich, state-of-the-art educational environment that allows children to reach their potential, and is dedicated to finding resources, tutors, teachers and specialists that can support the learning of its member community.Seeking to create a vibrant, networked co-learning community, Workspace Education looks for educational opportunities in the local community that connect the children with real work experiences and allow children to participate in solving real world problems. This is EDUCATION UNLEASHED! See https://workspaceeducation.org/  

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