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Blue Haus Group


Hartford Connecticut

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Blue Haus Group is a private real estate and economic development firm with a focus on creating dynamic urban cores within secondary and tertiary markets. We specialize in the creation and redevelopment of public spaces, neighborhood streetscapes and pop-ups. We work for real estate developers, government agencies, non profit organizations on revitalizing urban space and creating clean, safe and active places that create value and stimulate economic development.

How are you engaged/involved in supporting/advocating for the CT entrepreneur ecosystem? (<500 characters)

Blue Haus Group is involved in supporting and advocating the CT entrepreneur ecosystem in a few different ways. The first is through our small business division called BHSB. Our small business division works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to assist with marketing and business development. Typically, we develop their websites and social media presence to assist with increasing their web presence and to drive awareness about their company or product. We also assist in their business development by utilizing our network of clients and their businesses to cross promote services. Finally, through our development services division called BHDS, we utilize our relationships with real estate investors and developers to gain favorable terms for these small businesses into new locations, typically as pop ups or activations. Typically we’ll utilize our newly formed relationships in Blue Haus’s own projects and activations.

What improved in the CT entrepreneur ecosystem due to your involvement/advocacy in 2019? (<500 characters)

Accessibility. In addition to access to capital, one of the largest challenges to entrepreneurs is finding quality space. Our relationships with private property owners allow entrepreneurs and small business owners accessibility to space while providing peace of mind to the property owner that these investments will lead to the long term appreciation of their asset.


What people are saying about Tim Moore ed...

 Mr Moore's work with Shelboune commercial trying to revitalize Pratt St has been exciting. His table tennis hall has brought a little extra life to the street and his work trying to encourage unused space for event planning will hopefully bring a needed energy to the city.  






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