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Hartford Connecticut

Tell us about your community-building activities in 2019 (<500 characters)

2019 started out with my company Blue Haus Group being selected as the winner of the Riverfront Innovation Fund for our 4th Ward Market Proposal which sought to invigorate Hartford’s riverfront. At the same time, I collaborated with Shelbourne to execute a pop up lounge on Trumbull for the NCAA tournament in March. The storefront activation accommodated over 1,000 people in the 3-day period that the tournament was in town. During this same period, I became the Chair of Active Spaces for the Hartford Business Improvement District and created the Coalition for Diverse Developers. The coalition seeks to increase access to under-represented residents and professionals in commercial and investment real estate. Late in the spring, we branched out to Meriden in a collaboration with the Making Meriden Business Center to explore opportunities to redevelop the Colony Street in Meriden. Through this relationship we sponsored the “Imagine This: Meriden Downtown Preservation & Development Conference” which occurred in November. In addition to sponsoring the event, we also hosted a storefront activation. The fall brought us back to Hartford where we again collaborated with Shelbourne to launch PoP! Hartford; a 1-year storefront table-tennis activation and The Hudson, a 1 year 2nd floor activation which has created an event venue/gallery for musicians and artists alike.

What community-building goals did you accomplish or milestones did you hit in 2019? (<500 characters)

Each of 2019’s milestones were unique in their own way. Winning the Riverfront Innovation Fund award was a great experience and gave us proof of concept to our pricing model and provided us with a great platform to approach Meriden. Meriden has been a great experience because it’s allowed us to refine our process and was our first full-scale redevelopment/repositioning concept. The work we’ve been completing there has positioned us for continued progress in 2020. The milestones in Hartford are much more tangible. In collaboration with the award-winning Hartford Business Improvement District staff – Pratt Street has become substantially more active. In 2019 we held 75 events including 36 meditation Mondays with 350 participants, 22 lunchtime concerts on Pratt St. Patio, 12 Lunchtime shows for Audio feed with 960 attendees, 4 Salsa Socials entertaining 1200 dancers and 1 NCAA experience with 14,000+ attendees over a 3 day period. Complimenting these events has been the launching of PoP! Hartford and The Hudson. PoP! has engaged over 400 patrons since it opened in late fall including multiple downtown corporations while accumulating over 500 followers on Facebook. One of the more interesting aspects and one of my favorite, is how we interact within our community. Our social media feeds often feature our custom paddles in the community, with a fact of how they are related; for example our custom paddle featuring a geometric cat is featured outside of the historic boat building in Hartford, the first two sided building in the world. An example of one of the ways we capture the essence of the communities that we work in.


What people are saying about Tim Moore cb...

 Tim has a sixth sense for seeing empty space and knowing exactly what type of business would thrive in that environment. His passion for creating space and small business make him uniquely attuned to the needs of cities in transition, like the one Hartford is currently experiencing. He’s creative but also a realist- and has proven that his approach to community development works with his recent project, PoP, located downtown. Tim has a deep desire to see our city flourish and knows that it’s only possible with business models that actually work. He’s committed to proving that its within reach.  

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