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The Coder School is an after school enrichment and summer camp program for ages 7-18. Located in Farmington and Glastonbury, we use technology to inspire and motivate students. We use a range of languages that are taught from drag and drop, python, HTML/CSS, Java, Javascript, C#, C++ and much more. We also use fun and engaging platforms/projects such as Unity (2D/3D gaming), Blender, 3D printing, and robotics. All the students at the school are encouraged to come up with their own ideas and our code coaches (instructors) help guide them into making anything they can imagine. The Coder School has a start up feel inside of the school. The vibe is vibrant, lively, and positive. The entire model is to create anything of your imagination and maybe turn it into an idea. Students have made 2D/3D games, robotic claws operated by their phones, robotic piano which can play songs, artificial intelligence projects such as detecting rice disease in plants, a Rubic's cube solver made from a 3D printer, and much more.


How do you train, educate or prepare entrepreneurs? (<500 characters)

At our school we have a program called code coaching plus. In this program students meet once a week in a group setting where they discuss ideas, create group projects, and work on presentation skills. The students in this program also present their project at our coder fair, which is held three times a year. The students put together a power point presentation of their project, how they came up with the idea, what they learned, and what was most difficult. A student is currently making a website where he sells sneakers online. Another student is starting to sell their own brand of t-shirts. He would like to create a website for this business once he is able to learn the HTML language. Our entire model is to help create something new. Weather the students want to bring it forward or turn it into a business idea is up to them. We are there to help and guide their imagination. As an entrepreneur myself, I am there to help put any idea into a business if a student would like to.


What impact did your program have in 2019? (<500 characters)

The Coder School Farmington & Glastonbury filled the need of all students who would like to do more STEM and coding activities but had no where to go. The public and private schools are introducing coding but at an introductory level. If students wanted to learn more, there is only online platforms and our school. We filled the need of hundreds of students that would like to do more with coding, either as a hobby or look into it as a career. We helped college students feel more prepared and comfortable after taking lessons at our school. The students who did not want to do anything else such as music, sports, we filled their need and gave them a place that they can go to and make a career out of. Parents would write reviews on our website and emails telling us that their child has gained confidence in school after coming to the Coder School. Our semi private program allows all code coaches to work one on one with students and help them individually. Our school has only been open for a little over a year but has made a tremendous impact in the community for children ages 7-18.


What people are saying about The Coder School ...

 Vaishali shah opened the first two locations of The Coder School in the state, giving kids the opportunity to learn coding and participate in an awesome after school class.  

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