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RLC helps students build confidence so that they may discover their academic potential and be successful both in and out of the classroom. The academic team at Reis Learning Center has been providing support to students for 6 years now - celebrating the milestone on February 7th of this year. In that time, the dedicated staff has worked 1:1 on individualized goals for students with focus on increasing their academic knowledge and self confidence. We also just expanded to open the brand new "Reis Learning Center Classroom" this month. Our teaching approach is founded on fostering self avocation skills and equipping learners with positive self talk in order to help students internalize the belief that they can succeed.


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In the past year, RLC has maintained its track record of increasing students' exam prep scores (on such tests at the SAT and ACT for college entrance and the SSAT for private high school admissions). Additionally, students often continue or return to work on their admissions applications and the pivotal essays that go along with them. The team at RLC then waits, anxiously, for news of students' acceptances, which are often accompanied by scholarship awards. American Sign Language classes grew, and so did a unique community at Reis Learning Center. Welcoming both hearing and deaf participants, ASL classes at RLC opened up communication between strangers of varied ages, from surrounding towns, and with diverse backgrounds. "We not only learn how to communicate with others with our hands, we learn to listen to each other with our eyes. We live in a society where our eyes are often locked down on our screens...Deaf culture teaches us to let our walls down, to take a moment to look at each other, eye to eye. We become sensitive to reading emotions and accept this form of communicating, because, for some, it is the only way. What better to teach our children, our adults, our society? We can all benefit from learning this beautiful language. Let us connect the world a little more" says ASL instructor, Nicole. Echoing from her words is another of RLC's missions: As we continue to offer one on one tutoring services, small group classes, and enrichment workshops, RLC seeks to help our clients explore and realize their potential so that they may better connect with their communities and the vast network of opportunities around them.


What people are saying about Reis Learning Center...

 RLC has been such an asset to our community, and to the children to utilize their services. My daughter loves to attend the crafty children’s workshops that they offer. My son has shown major improvement  

Erin Putzig

 RLC is a wonderful community asset in New Milford helping to educate and further teach students by assisting them in tutoring and SAT college prep. Jessica who owns the center has also expanded by offering workshops such as sign language, blanket making, vision boards, and some wonderful summer camp programs that focus on education and not screen time. We love utilizing her space and RLC definitely deserves a nomination and win again this year!  

Jessica Bittner

 Jess is one of the most interested educators I’ve ever met. Aside from her own incredible intellect, her staff is top notch and she cares so much about collaborating with new Milford small businesses. Her workshops are great and wonderful for outside the box thinkers!  

Nina Cudney


Lacee yurtoglu

 Helping kids with programs that help kids with their studies as well as classes in sign language, STEM  

Pete Bass





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