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 Cynthia Roy is the President and CEO of Regional Hospice and Palliative Care in Danbury CT. In 2015, she was responsible for the vision and creation of a specialized, 36,000-square-foot, residential style facility, dedicated to the comfort and dignity of patients and their families, the first and only not-for-profit, all-private suite hospice in Connecticut. In 2019 Cynthia worked with an award-winning team to produce “Making the Best of Everyday,” an animated ad campaign about “dying with dignity” that features a realistic, holistic, even humorous approach to a difficult topic. A member of YPO, she believes that in any entrepreneurial project, it is vital that you develop strong relationships with the city and other stakeholders to help build your case. The benefits that an entrepreneurial business can bring to a city can be measured. Cynthia's example is shared throughout the region. See https://regionalhospicect.org/news/president-ceo-cynthia-roy-a-leadership-journey/  

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