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WORK_SPACE: Manchester's Coworking & Meeting Space



Stacey Zackin









Manchester, CT


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Believing that art is a dynamic tool for positive social change and community connections, the Galleries at WORK_SPACE produced an Art Exhibit & Experience consisting of over 100 works of art, 14 live events, and the participation of over 75 artists. The theme of PERSPECTIVES was designed to reflect, respect, reimagine, explore, express, and engage human differences and similarities. This event was a true collaboration btw the Town of Manchester&rsquo;s Equity & Inclusion Initiative, the Manchester Art Assoc., and the Dept. of Economic and Community Development, CT Office of the Arts.


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The coolest thing about PERSPECTIVES was the DIVERSITY and INCLUSIVITY. The work of professional artists was displayed side-by-side with first time exhibitors. Submissions from elementary school children who created images as a learning tool hung next to the work of Veterans who use art as a therapeutic tool. Mediums ranged from painting and photography, to canvas sneakers and silk ties, to cardboard and paper mache. Live events included indigenous music, Kizomba dance, a traditional Kwanzaa celebration, hip hop poetry and live body art.


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It was significant for people to experience community strength, intimate connections, and private vulnerability in a public forum and they are asking for more. Participants said: &ldquo;I learned so much about so many people&hellip; so many hopes, dreams - we are all one - we stand together!&rdquo; &ldquo;Love, pain, and inspiration are universal.&rdquo; &ldquo;The speaker&rsquo;s spirit and the techniques he shared will help me to channel and shine my light brightly.&rdquo; Not only has this PERSPECTIVES show been transferred to Community Gallery at Hartford Public Access TV, WORK_SPACE is already working on our 2020 exhibit.


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 A recipient of a REGI Grant from the CT Dept. of Economic and Community Development's Office of the Arts, the "PERSPECTIVES: We Are All Different, We Are All One" Art Exhibit and Experience was produced by the Galleries @ WORK_SPACE in Manchester. Showcasing the work of more than 60 artists from the Greater Hartford area throughout November and December, over 100 works of art were displayed and 14 live performance events produced, all designed to reflect, respect, explore, express and celebrate human differences and similarities. Believing that art is a tool for social change, WORK_SPACE not only plans to make PERSPECTIVES an annual event, but that every future art exhibit and cultural program will be thoughtfully planned through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.  

Stacey Zackin





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