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Masheen brings the best of venture capital and operations to help founders grow their ideas into scaleable companies. However, most entrepreneurs lack the capital, leadership, team and operational resources to turn their really smart, relevant idea into a scalable product and successfully take it to market. And among the entrepreneurs who do take the leap and pursue their ideas, they often don’t know what to do, or the right order to do it in. Successful entrepreneurs capitalize on the idea – before someone else does – by engaging the right people with the right skills, experience and ambition to make it happen. At Masheen, we help start-ups and spin-offs bring game-changing ideas to market. Rather than putting equity into a business in a traditional way our investment takes the form of engineering expertise and business know-how to quickly launch AI-driven, customer-focused products that feel like the future. With the right people and processes in place from the very start, we set the stage for continued growth and long-term success. We’re a bit of a boutique at Masheen, looking for 3–5 new and exciting opportunities each year. We invest in ideas that align B2B enterprise software with a focus on Big Data / IOT / AI. With deep roots in Connecticut, we have a bias toward companies – and investors – based here. For us, it’s about finding the right entrepreneurs, in the right markets, with disruptive and innovative product ideas. We’re looking for opportunities that have real potential for long-term marketability. Why? Getting the fundamentals right from the get-go is the difference between a start-up succeeding – or failing. Entrepreneurs who build a solid foundation of highly efficient infrastructure, leading-edge engineering and great culture early on have a much better chance of winning in the marketplace. That’s why we created Masheen. At Masheen we say, “Just bring us your idea!” And we’re serious about that. Masheen can provide the rest, all the way through graduation into Series A funding. Our goal is to help founders of new AI tech start-ups and spin-offs take an idea from inception to MVP, delight their customers and present investors with a fully vetted opportunity. When an entrepreneur and idea align with our values and meet our investment criteria, we intensely partner from the outset to get the idea designed, built and successfully in market. Our goal is to help build the foundation of a scalable company and then graduate it from our portfolio as it is ready for future institutional funding and explosive growth.


What are the coolest, most popular features of your program? (<500 characters)

Our most popular program features are our execution services paired with early stage pre-seed funding. We fund companies off the Masheen Balance sheet as well as sidecar/co-funding from the principals’ family fund, investing an average of $250k–$500k per company at the pre-seed stage. We also reserve follow-on capital to invest in the Seed/Series A rounds. This funding sets the turnkey Masheen model in motion. The Masheen Playbooks accelerate every step on the path to GTM execution, driving faster time-to-value. Our external corporate set-up with internal IT infrastructure is enabled by core team units in the areas of product management, engineering, GTM and G&A. The expertise Masheen brings to the table includes: Masheen brings it’s entrepreneurs: Proven Playbooks for creating and sustaining value every step of the way, including: Product design and development Expert, scalable support in sales, marketing, engineering, finance, human resources, IT, facilities and administration Talent acquisition and management Go-to-market strategy and implementation Partnership identification and development Top-Tier Talent and Teams with extensive experience putting the Playbooks into action. Access to Capital from seed funding through Series A financing. High-Performance Culture – the most important ingredient in successful technology start-ups. Unparalleled Guidance - the deep expertise of Masheen’s leadership team, serving in an advisory role. Masheen delivers to investors: De-risked investment - founders, product and market have been thoroughly vetted. A minimum viable product (MVP) - already in market, with customer-focused features. A fully functional company with a skilled team in place.


What impact did your program make is 2019? (<500 characters)

Masheen started in late 2017 and since then we have had tremendous momentum and success. We are proud to state that we have invested in helping build 4 companies, 2 of which have been started in Connecticut. Both Connecticut companies reached commercial capabilities in 2019 which is a testament to our mission and vision. We also had significant funding and product milestones reached in 2019 for both CT companies. One CT portfolio company is an Edtech start-up from a professor at UConn. We are very proud to not only be supporting a CT entrepreneur, but also one who is coming from the state's primary higher-ed institution. We believe this is an inspiration for faculty and students to produce more start-up ideas and to keep those companies in our state. The joint support from UConn and other state based institutions has been amazing which targets our core mission of funding ideas in the home state of Masheen’s 2 founders Bill and Andrea Moschella. We are also proud to have created jobs ast these start-ups and believe our program will continue to assist the state’s economic growth goals.


What people are saying about Masheen...

 Masheen is a family owned and managed holding company that helps to launch, build, and guide a portfolio of technology based high social impact businesses.  

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