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We change lives by inspiring and connecting people. We have created the Northeast's largest creativity and innovation event. People of all backgrounds and abilities come together to share their skills with others. Young and old enjoy seeing and engaging people with skills in sustainability, woodworking, 3D printing, knitting and sewing, music and more. We also learned that by bringing people together, we continue to make a positive impact on education, communities and the economy because of the connections and experiences they create.


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In 2019, we created The Great Duck Project, a global crowdsourced art and technology initiative to create the world's largest 3D printed duck. 476 duck pieces from places including India, Sweden, Germany, the U.K., Australia and China arrived and were assembled while thousands of attendees watched and helped create this world record. We also created a Sustainable Pathways initiative to educate people about ways in which our actions can have an impact on our environment. This included real world, hands on activities that included interactive exhibits about the impact our choices can make.


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2019 was our 8th year. Since our inception, more than 50,000 people have attended Maker Faire Westport. We have inspired thousands of students to become interested in new careers, helped dozens of entrepreneurs obtain financial, marketing and other support for their businesses, helped dozens of companies showcase their products as well as find qualified employees and helped many schools and communities become more vibrant. We are making a positive, enduring impact on many aspects of Connecticut: educational, community and economic.


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 Nearly nine years ago, Mark Mathias created Westport Mini Maker Faire as a showcase of creative talent in Connecticut. A handful of friends worked with him to put on this event. Together, they hoped 800 people would show up. 2,200 did. Raising more money than they spent, they purchased the first 3D printer for a library in Connecticut, which was the genesis of the maker movement in Connecticut. Over the past eight years, more than 45,000 people have attended this event. Maker Faire Westport has been a positive impact on communities, libraries, students, artists, entrepreneurs and businesses. For 2020, Mark rebranded it Maker Faire Connecticut which has become the Northeast’s largest creativity and innovation event, with a planned attendance of between 15,000 and 20,000. All of this is creating a positive future for the state by ensuring people want to live, work and invest in Connecticut.  

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