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Young Educated Determined to Succeed Inc.


La’Shunda Williams, MS




Young Educated Determined to Succeed Inc.


East Hartford

Tell us about your community-building activities in 2019 (<500 characters)

I am the Founder of Young Educated Determined to Succeed (Y.E.D.S.) Inc. During 2019 I have implemented year round programs to that provide activities to youth ages 8-17 in the Greater Hartford area. Keeping them engaged helps to reduce the chance of risky behaviors. Y.E.D.S. organized our first community winter clothes drive and donated items collected to the homeless and families in need that our living in shelters. In Dec. my organization co-sponsored a community holiday event with CT Victims Against Violence. This event provided over 400 people with entertainment, free food, and every child received a toy.

What community-building goals did you accomplish or milestones did you hit in 2019? (<500 characters)

For 2019, I was able to accomplish holding our first community clothes winter drive with a local business allowing us to host the event in their establishment. One of my goals was to volunteer at more community events in 2019 that provide assistance to those in need. Feeding the homeless and families at the annual Break Bread event, scarf bombing which entailed tying scarfs around trees and poles in Downtown Hartford for those in need, and building relationships with other community organization to make a greater impact on engaging our youth in our community.


What people are saying about LaShunda Williams MS...

 Mrs. Williams goes above and beyond for your community. She provides programs to youth in the Greater Hartford Community year round. Mrs. Williams host many community events giving back to those in need. She unselfish and always looking out for others. She is an amazing women!  

Yvonne Stewart

 La’Shunda Williams is all about our community and our youth. She organizes community give back to collect items for shelters and the homeless. Her organization Young-Educated-Determined to Succeed Inc. provides youth all year long with activities to keep them engaged and teach them the value of giving back. La’Shunda co-sponsored a holiday event that was free to the community and provided over 200 children with free toys. This event provided free food and entertainment to over 400 people. La’Shunda is compassionate about making a difference in her community. This is why she deserves to be nominated for this award!  

Yvonne Stewart

 La’Shunda Williams dedicates all of her spare time giving back to her community. She has implemented year round programs geared to supporting low income families who can’t afford the costly programs in our community. Her commitment to the youth and the families she serve in the Greater Hartford Community goes beyond measures. Her current mission is provide youth with activities that keep them engaged so they don’t get sucked into the streets, gangs, or become a statistic. La’Shunda collaborates with others organization advocating and supporting families that have been victims to violence that surrounds our community. Her commitment to our youth and community is remarkable and she deserves this nomination.  

Yvonne Stewart





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