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Lasting Impressions CT


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New Milford, CT


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New Milford, CT


Company/organization description (<500 characters)

LICT was established in 2014 by Jessica Bittner. Jessica creates custom hand stamped jewelry and accessories. Each piece is handmade from start to finish, fully designed and made with a hammer, metal, and stamping blanks, to truly create a one of a kind piece of jewelry.


Tell us about the entrepreneurial milestones you accomplished in 2019 (<500 characters) e.g., patents received, growth rate, and successful MVP, trial, or exit, etc…

In 2019, my business grew exponentially. My Etsy shop hit 15,000 sales, my website doubled it's sales numbers from 2018, and we increased our wholesale presence tremendously. I won 1st runner up at the CT Entrepreneur Awards for Most Scalable Business. I taught a class to other fellow entrepreneurs on how to grow and profit their own Etsy shops. LICT hired an intern from WCSU in August and then turned it into a fully paying position in the company in December. I am also the co-founder of a women's networking group located in New Milford CT helping other women run businesses to achieve their successes. I founded the Pop Up Shops at Makery Coworking and we have been providing local artisans a unique place to showcase their goods on a monthly basis for the past 2 years.


What type of entrepreneur are you? Scaling Company: regional, national, or global business focus and greater than $1,000,000 in revenue in 2019; Scalable Venture: regional, national, or global business focus and less than $1,000,000 in revenue in 2019; Main Street: local business focus;Social Good: social enterprise or nonprofit focus

LICT is a scalable venture.


Student entrepreneur: Are you a student and younger than 25 as of December 31, 2019? YES or NO



What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources (spaces, programs, events, schools, etc.) have helped you succeed? (<500 characters)

The Pop Up Shops at Makery Coworking in New Milford, CT


What people are saying about Jessica Bittner...

 She has started her own hand unique hand stamped jewelry business and is amazing at what she does! She totally deserves this!!!  

Adrienne Checchio

 Jessica has a thriving business. Her stamps are unique and her business has grown exponentially  

Anthony Criscuolo

 Jessica is a hard working mother of 3 who dedicates many sleepless nights in order to grow her business. Her items are made using the finest quality materials and are always a welcome gift to all. She offers a wide variety of gifts for all occassions and always welcomes custom orders. Jessica is also very involved in her community supporting other small businesses.  

Barbara Hirt

 Custom jewelry making, made to order, quick friendly response, gifts for all occasions and people.  

Diane L Lagarto

 Jess always has great ideas and new things to give to her customers. She works really hard to make sure everything is at 100%. Her work is witty and perfect for everyone.  

Hannah Barbiero

 She puts her heart into making wonderful gifts  

Jessica Wilbourn

 Her business has grown year over year for 5 years. Always creating new ideas and positively affected her local business community.  

Joseph Bittner

 Jessica is an amazing woman who runs a very successful business on top of being a busy mom of 3. She goes out of her way to help people and absolutely stands behind her amazing products.  


 Jessica is a fabulous woman in business. She started her business and not only mentors others but manages an entire life for her family...talk about double if not triple duty. Jessica works hard every day to build her business and makes gorgeous products!  

Sara Fitz



 Her jewelry is beautifully crafted. She takes her time to help design exactly what you ate looking for. Shes dedicated to deliver when ita needed.  

Amanda barto

 She hand stamps awesome jewelry and gifts.  

Amy Harper

 She has single handedly grown her business by leaps and bounds by offering humorous  

Carol Cote

 Her product is snarky, fun and bold. Love this fresh take on jewelry.  

Crystle yroiano

 Jessica is an amazing entrepreneur, her hand stamped jewelry and other items such as spoons, key chains, ornaments are witty or Uber sweet. She customizes items to her customers wishes and makes certain they are happy. Jessica keeps customers engaged via her Facebook page with contests, interactive a posts, and photos of her latest work. It’s endearing to see how her family supports her and joins in the fun too! Jessica is an amazing entrepreneur and deserves this award!  

Doranne Koval

 She make wonderful stamped items.  


 Jessica is an amazing entrepreneur always working her business in the community and online. She makes great pieces. She’s always looking for ways to improve on her work!  

Elissa Stewart

 She works hard to give the best product.  

Kellianne Cochran

 Amazing jewelry artist !! Works her tail off and provides beautiful gifts for many to buy!!  

Kerry Schur


Leslie Heinen

 She is an amazing go getter. She has built her small business into something wonderful. She's talented and a great businesswoman  


 Jessica is extremely thoughtful and takes care in her business. Her personality comes through in her personalization of many items. She takes care to detail delicate issues and doesn’t shy away from humor. Jessica makes a great candidate.  

Melissa Alves-Tomas

 A mom of three who is passionate about her business and her customers. Beautiful custom jewelry made with care. Jessica is a wonderful example of not just talking about starting a business. She did it!!!  

Molly Boehner

 Jess Bittner is one of the hardest working small businesses in town. She’s a one woman show who never stops working! She’s insanely creative and goes non stop - all while being a wife and Mom to three kids!  

Nina cudney

 Jessica makes amazing jewelry and her business has been growing over the years for all her hard work.  


 She is great about personalizing everything. Also she helped my son with his boy scout merit badge. He had to interview someone that created their own business. She was very patient with him and even complimented him on the questions. She really is all about her customers!  

Shannon Miller

 She is amazing person and is on top of getting the items you order to you quickly. I would recommend her to anyone  

Susan Poulin

 Jessica Bittner founded Lasting Impressions Hand Stamped Jewelry out of her home and continues to grow and expand her business. Some people are born entrepreneurs and Jessica is one those people. She combines intelligence with drive and creativity with a sense of humor to produce jewelry that connects with her consumers. Since last year, she has hired her first employee and is adding new merchandise to the brand's portfolio.  

Tony Vengrove

 I remember the day Jessica said she wanted to create a business. I watched it go from an idea to a very successful jewelry company. I was so impressed be her hard work and determination. I have never seen such a work ethic! I'm proud of her as a female entrepreneur. She NEVER stops trying to better her business. She is always seeking new ways to expand. lastingimpresssionsjewelryct@gmail.com  

Tracey Ruscil





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