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The Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation supports UConn faculty, student and alumni entrepreneurs. We inspire and support a robust entrepreneurial culture across academic disciplines throughout the University by offering programs that support practical experience in entrepreneurship in hopes that we will not only support venture development but also prepare students and faculty to be more successful in their careers.


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Main topics covered include an analysis of traditional insurance and InsurTech models, an evaluation of how InsurTech companies are being supported to develop their business models, and required skills to be innovators and entrepreneurs in the InsurTech space. Industry professionals are brought in on a weekly basis to discuss related topics. As their final project, students are asked to create their own innovative InsurTech product and present a proposed business model and market analysis.


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At the end of the course, we measured student engagement through course evaluations. From a class of 21 students, we received a 5.0/5.0 rating across the board. Student feedback shows that the course was “very informative and well-structured” while “making the complex rules of insurance and venture capitalism simple to understand”. 12 students from this course have been invited to participate in the InsurTech Fellows Program to further gain practical skills in the InsurTech industry.


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 The InsurTech Initiative was created at CT Center for Entrepreneurship  

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