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As a part of an InsurTech Initiative created to foster the next generation of innovators within insurance and support the growing InsurTech population around Hartford, the InsurTech Fellows Program provides students the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience, receive professional mentorship, opportunities to network, and connections to jobs and internships.


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This program is unique in that through a partnership with the Hartford InsurTech Hub, 12 fellows will work with an InsurTech startup company to assist in the development of their company during their accelerator. Fellows are also paired with 1-2 industry mentors each to provide guidance, support and resources, and will attend at least 3 networking events over the course of the program. $4,000 scholarship funding is awarded to each fellow for his/her participation.


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In May 2019, InsurTech Fellows were granted the opportunity to participate in the Hartford InsurTech Hub’s Demo Day. Some tabled at their startup’s booth during the expo while others were featured in the introductory videos showcased to hundreds within the Hartford community. Following the program, graduating fellows received paid positions working in the insurance industry and other entrepreneurship-related fields.


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 The InsurTech Initiative was created at CCEI in collaboration with the University of Hartford to foster talent within the emerging InsurTech industry and develop a network of entrepreneurs and industry professionals within the Hartford insurance space. Students can get involved with this initiative via two main paths; an InsurTech Venturing course and the InsurTech Fellows Program, both working within each other to increase growth opportunities and strengthen entrepreneurial skills. The InsurTech Fellows Program provides students the opportunity to continue their learning of the InsurTech industry through practical and hands-on experience. 12 UConn and University of Hartford students from the preliminary InsurTech Venturing course were selected to participate in this program. Through a partnership with the Hartford InsurTech Hub, each student will work with an InsurTech startup company over the spring semester as a part of an experiential learning course. During this time, students will keep records of their assignments and will report back to the course instructor on a monthly- basis. The program also provides each student with 1-2 industry mentors to provide guidance, support and resources over the course of the program. Each student is awarded $4,000 for their participation in the program and will receive connections to networking events and job/internship opportunities.  

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