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GrowthCast, LLC



Judi Otton






GrowthCast, LLC



Oxford, CT


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GrowthCast provides CFO services to growing organizations to help them grow and be Fiscally Fit


How are you/your organization involved in funding CT startups and/or scaleups? (<500 characters)

We help companies develop financial projections, and help them spend their money wisely when they're funded


What was the impact or what milestones were accomplished due to your investments in 2019? (<500 characters)


What people are saying about GrowthCast, LLC ...

 I am going to make the argument here that by being a whipsmart CFO for hire, Judi Otton is effectively putting money back into the pockets of small business people and improving the portfolios of growing enterprises. Implementing efficiencies, plugging the leaks and becoming more informed about financial management and recordkeeping is a less-recognized but still valid form of funding, in my book. If necessary please move this nomination to the Venture category, however I hope it stays here. https://growth-cast.com/  

Elinor Slomba





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