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Tell us about your community-building activities in 2019 (<500 characters)

Our agency has built brands with purpose across a range of industries and community organizations. We deliver results through a collaborative process that begins by crystalizing the brand’s purpose in a series of workshops. Once defined, this becomes the “north star” and helps connect the hearts, heads, and hands of its team members. Glen McDermott, the Principal, has deep roots in the New Haven community, where he is currently Chairman of the Technology Council, the BIG Connect committee, and an active ambassador with the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce. Last year he received the Chamber’s Volunteer of the Year Award. He also serves as the Executive Director of Conscious Capitalism and as a Director of the Australian Community. With ten years of experience under our belt, Red Rock has refined its process to create and deliver the stories of its client's good work.


What community-building goals did you accomplish or milestones did you hit in 2019? (<500 characters)

We were fortunate to have worked with some great clients last year. We have continued our long legacy of work with health and wellness organizations to improve the lives of others and have considerable talent on the team to create content, then connect it to those that matter and drive the community growth. Here are 3 examples. APT Foundation is a not for profit organization founded in 1970 by members of the Yale School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. Their mission is to promote health and recovery for those who live with substance use disorders and/or mental illness. Since 2006, services to nearly 8,000 unique individuals each year regardless of ability to pay. During this time, the wait time for admission was reduced from 30+ days to 0. APT is a $36,000,000 company that employs 340 people and is the 8th largest employer in New Haven. Details https://redrockbranding.com/apt-foundation-success-story/ Exhale Studio is a startup destination for combining spiritual and physical wellness. It emerged from the life purpose of its founder, Laura Marasco. The emphasis on meditation will be of value to those seeking overall wellness in a calming environment. Exhale Studio will ultimately expand into related product lines with adjacencies to existing mainstream health care providers. Details https://redrockbranding.com/exhale-success-story/ Conscious Capitalism - Connecticut Chapter brings a powerful message of sustainability to the business community. We teach and inspire business leaders to align purpose and profit for greater impact and prosperity for all. As the Executive Director, Glen McDermott has collaborated with like-minded companies and individuals to drive growth beyond the New Haven County and hosted popular monthly "Conscious Conversations" events and kicked off the "Curious Capitalist" Podcast series. Details http://connecticut.consciouscapitalism.org/glen-mcdermott


What people are saying about Glen McDermott ...

 Highly underrecognized because he does not have a big ego., Glen has contributed to the community in meaningful ways in 2019 by: helping to onboard new leadership at the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce and the New Haven Manufacturers Association, mentoring and providing workshops for students in the Health Haven Hub's iHaven program, and by serving as Executive Director of the Connecticut Chapter of Conscious Capitalism. In this latter role, he has presided over a change in leadership, attracted new Board members and engaged a growing membership thropugh regular events at the District. He is able to bridge the old school (e.g. Chair Emeritus Larry "Bing" Bingham, CEO of Regional Water Authority) and new Agile innovators (e.g. Gavin Watson formerly of Watson Inc in West Haven until it sold for $69 Million). I helped Glen facilitate a 6-hour workshop with both these men playing key roles, and it was amazing to witness him being able to draw out their skills, strengths and goodwill. Glen has also built a significant partnerhsip between UNH and the CT Chapter of CC, which will be interesting to see evolve and deepen in the coming year.  

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