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 Frank Musto has been a pioneer for Home Winemakers and Wineries in Connecticut and all over New England. He started selling wine grapes over 40 years ago and has grown his business to the point where he owns his own vineyards in California, has a store/education facility for winemakers and winemaking products, and consults with local wineries to get them up and running. Frank started Musto Wine Grape Company in the Hartford Regional Market and has been a big proponent of supporting local CT farmers whenever possible and he gives back to the community donating the proceeds from his Winemaker Awards dinner to a different charity every year. He is a very humble person who works behind the scenes, but if it wasn't for him, home winemakers wouldn't be able to make Napa Valley wines at home with their family and friends, and New England wineries wouldn't have the support they need to be successful. A vote for Frank is a vote for the Winemaking tradition in Connecticut and New England, he helps keep it alive for everyone to enjoy.  

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