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FinTron Invest



Wilder Rumpf



President and Founder



FinTron Invest


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Fairfield, CT


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FinTron is a digital financial services broker dealer in-formation. We truly provide premium investing/banking products with an emphasis on education. We offer interest bearing accounts (1% per annum), globally reimbursed ATM withdraws, 600+ fractional securities(stocks/ETFs), recurring investments in 3 levels of risk, a master budgeting tool, a meal calculating tool & mock trading with an admin build-out for professors to manage classrooms and efficiently teach investing 101.


Tell us about the milestones your venture accomplished in 2019, eg., key team members added, revenue level achieved, major sales made or endorsements received, successful exit, etc... (<500 characters)

From launching a FinTech LLC in my attic with one mac book and one PC to building a broker dealer in formation with 5 fully licensed registered reps, 15 interns and 8 dedicated devices - to signing two 3 year contracts; one with a major digital bank and the other with a major clearing house (Fully FDIC and SIPC insured) - to graduating college with a dual undergrad in Finance and Economics; 2019 was the year to end a decade. Our team has raised over $300,000 to date, all while attending school full time, building a broker/banking app and landing huge industry partners(Not to mention earning credibility in one of the worlds most highly regulated industries with some of the brightest, most educated working professionals ). While our investing product awaits licensing approval, our educational product has gained traction with multiple school districts and is continuing to grow in popularity at a rapid pace. In 2019 we set out to turn an old industry on its head by leveraging technology, in 2020 we will bring investing to the 99%


Stage: Does your venture generate revenue? YES or NO

No - Anticipating revenue 2020


What CT entrepreneur ecosystem resources (spaces, programs, events, schools, etc.) have helped you succeed? (<500 characters)



What people are saying about FinTron Invest...

 Wilder founded a disruption tech company that helps people take control of their money... this can change the world... the 1% control everything and all top funds are made for them . Fintron allows for the 99% to control their money with low costs $2 per month , training programs and high performance algorithms that invest at better results then the expensive hedge funds ! Wilder is 23 and built a company as SHUs first Jack Welch College of business incubator! Occupy Wall Street did not work but Fintron gives power to the people built with millennials for millennials!  

Jeff Rumpf





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